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The .NET Framework is a popular development platform for building apps for Windows, Windows Store, Windows Phone, Windows Server, and Windows Azure. The .NET Framework platform includes the C# and Visual Basic programming languages, the common language runtime, and an extensive class library.

Approved! Clean Code - Best Practices More Info
Approved! Clean Code – The Art of Decoupling More Info
Pending Approval! Elegant Objects in C# More Info
Approved! HTTPS in ASP.NET Core in Docker Linux Containers Deep Dive More Info
Pending Approval! JetBrains Rider Tips and Tricks: Getting more out of your development time More Info
Approved! Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET More Info
Pending Approval! Rock Your Code: Defensive Programming for Microsoft .NET More Info
Approved! Using Visual Studio 2019 with code automation to auto-generate customized service layers in a Contract-Driven Architecture More Info


Talks on Agile practices such as SCRUM, Lean and eXtreme programming, software craftsmanship
Approved! Adopting SAFe More Info
Approved! Architecture and Complex Software Solutions More Info
Approved! Data-Driven Continuous Improvements More Info
Approved! Fact or Crap: Self Organizing Teams Work More Info
Approved! Relative Sizing More Info
Approved! Why is Implementing Requirements So hard? More Info

Artifical Intelligence (AI)

Artifical Intelligence
Approved! Amazing Algorithms for Solving Problems in Software More Info
Approved! Deep Learning Basics More Info
Approved! Exploring Neural Word Embeddings with Python More Info
Approved! Intro to Azure Cognitive Services - Computer Vision More Info
Approved! Intro to Deep Reinforcement Learning with Retro Video Games More Info
Approved! ML Hands On: Optical Character Recognition More Info
Approved! Offline ML with Rust More Info


Approved! Blazor - Life after the introduction Demo More Info
Approved! Blazor Basics More Info
Approved! Getting Started with Asp.Net Core Signal R More Info


Azure, Amazon, Oracle, etc.
Pending Approval! AKS Hybrid Integration More Info
Approved! Automate AWS with the CLI and Shell Scripting More Info
Approved! Automated routing of messages with IoT Hub More Info
Approved! Automatically Create and Deploy Asp.Net Core Angular Applications with a CLI More Info
Approved! Automating your day job with Infrastructure as Code More Info
Approved! AWS, Go, Docker Blob Storage File Server More Info
Approved! Azure Governance More Info
Approved! Become a Linux Command Line Guru More Info
Approved! Building your Data Lake on AWS More Info
Approved! Dockerizing Applications More Info
Approved! How to make the most of Kubernetes as a developer More Info
Approved! Policy-as-Code using Azure DevOps More Info
Approved! Rock Your Code: Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish (Part 1) More Info
Approved! Rock Your Code: Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish (Part 2) More Info
Approved! Running Docker images in AWS Fargate More Info
Approved! With the gig economy even web servers are becoming gig workers. More Info

Database (SQL/NoSQL)

Database (SQL/NoSQL)
Approved! SQL (Why ‘Little Bobby Tables’ is funny) More Info

Design (UX/UI)

Design (UX/UI)
Pending Approval! Practical Accessibility More Info
Approved! Why StorybookJS? More Info

DevOps/System Administration

DevOps/System Administration
Approved! Database DevOps with Containers More Info
Approved! DevOps and DevSecOps (DevOps with Security in Mind) More Info
Approved! DevOps Pipelines Overview More Info

Functional Programming

Programming with Haskell, Clojure, F#, and other functional programming languages
Pending Approval! Intro to Clojure More Info
Approved! Really Simple Functional Programming More Info
Approved! User interfaces in Elm More Info


Approved! Email templates 101 More Info
Approved! Responsive Layouts with Flexbox and CSS Grid More Info

Identity Management

Identity Management
Approved! Discussion: Identity Management Professional Meetup More Info
Approved! Getting Started with Azure Active Directory More Info
Approved! Non-coding elements of Identity Governance program: maturity, ownership and human factor cost More Info


Java allows you to play online games, chat with people around the world, calculate your mortgage interest, and view images in 3D, just to name a few. It's also integral to the intranet applications and other e-business solutions that are the foundation of corporate computing.

Pending Approval! GraphQL More Info


JavaScript (JS) is an interpreted computer programming language.[5] It was originally implemented as part of web browsers so that client-side scripts couldinteract with the user, control the browser, communicate asynchronously, and alter the document content that was displayed.[5] More recently, however, it has become common in server-side programming, game development and the creation of desktop applications.

Approved! A Javascript padawan's expedition into AWS DynamoDB - the journey begins. More Info
Pending Approval! API Testing with Jest More Info
Approved! Build App with Angular More Info
Approved! Building SVG with React - What I learned while building a little project More Info
Approved! Cypress: Where Automated Web UI Testing Isn’t Just for QA Anymore More Info
Pending Approval! Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript More Info
Pending Approval! JavaScript for Beginners: Your First Lines of Code More Info
Pending Approval! Mobile App Development with JavaScript More Info
Approved! React Hooks More Info
Pending Approval! React Native Mobile Development More Info
Approved! TDD with Javascript More Info
Approved! WASM: Practical uses today. More Info

Mobile (Android/iOS/Microsoft)

Mobile (Android/iOS/Microsoft)
Approved! A Look at iOS ARKit 3.0 : Augmented Reality Session More Info
Pending Approval! Cavassing blocks for voter registration using Campaign Sidekick More Info
Approved! Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development More Info
Approved! Let's Talk About Text More Info
Approved! What’s New and Upcoming with Xamarin More Info
Approved! Xamarin Mobile Development - Advanced More Info
Approved! Xamarin Mobile Development For Beginners More Info


Pending Approval! A Gentle (re)Introduction to Object Oriented Programming More Info
Approved! Adding Avro to your Kafka streams to meet your messaging needs More Info
Approved! Applied OOP Design Patterns: Rolling with the Punches More Info
Pending Approval! Build and Launch a Startup More Info
Approved! C++20: The new stuff you need to know about More Info
Approved! C+20: From STL to Ranges - Using Ranges Effectively More Info
Approved! Catching and Handling Windows Exceptions in C++ More Info
Pending Approval! Content Management Systems More Info
Approved! Event-Driven Architectures with Apache Kafka More Info
Approved! How to Migrate to Modern C++ More Info
Approved! Information Hiding with Opaque Pointers in C More Info
Approved! Intro to Rust More Info
Approved! Intro to the Go Language More Info
Approved! It All Starts with Git... More Info
Approved! Landing Pages 101 and Workshop More Info
Approved! Mojolicious: A Modern Web Framework More Info
Approved! Really Simple Reactive Programming (Java and C#.NET) More Info
Pending Approval! Security More Info
Pending Approval! Security / pentesting More Info
Approved! Seventy years of computer history in about Twenty minutes More Info
Pending Approval! Unblock Blockchain More Info
Approved! Using Go to Call Unsupported Syscalls More Info
Pending Approval! Visual Design for Tech Geeks More Info
Pending Approval! What is Robin Hood Hashing? More Info
Pending Approval! WTF is Context in Go? More Info
Approved! You should adopt Kafka now, tips for getting Kafka apps to market fast More Info


Pending Approval! Stop putting frontend in your backend More Info
Approved! What's New in PHP 7.4? More Info
Approved! Writing Secure Code More Info


Python is a programming language that lets you work more quickly and integrate your systems more effectively. You can learn to use Python and see almost immediate gains in productivity and lower maintenance costs.

Approved! Intro to Python Part 1 - The Core Language More Info
Approved! Intro to Python Part 2 - The Ecosystem More Info
Pending Approval! Python for Cyber Security More Info
Approved! Web Scraping with Python More Info


Approved! "A Bugs Life" - QA 101 with The Exterminator More Info
Approved! How Quality Assurance Makes an Impact in the Software Development Life-cycle More Info
Pending Approval! TDD Live! More Info


Approved! Really Simple Event-Driven REST APIs More Info
Approved! Writing REST API's in C More Info

Soft Skills

Soft skills are the personal attributes you need to succeed in the workplace. These are often related to how you work with others – in other words, these are people skills. Soft skills are different from hard skills, which are directly relevant to the job you are applying for. These are often more quantifiable, and easier to learn. A hard skill for a carpenter, for example, might be the ability to operate a power saw or use framing squares.
Approved! 16 Ways to Tell You're Not a Beginning Programmer Anymore More Info
Approved! Accidentally Manager – A Survival Guide for First-Time Engineering Managers More Info
Approved! Effective Communication: Talk Smarter, Not Harder More Info
Approved! How to be a tech lead More Info
Approved! How to Be an MVP More Info
Approved! How to get through the awkwardness of networking More Info
Approved! Let us Learn to Say NO More Info
Approved! Ultimate Presentation Formula for Nerds More Info