Desert Code Camp - 2019 SessionsA list of all of the sessions at Desert Code Camp - 2019uuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=143012019-08-20T05:24:18ZMy Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14302A Look at iOS ARKit 3.0 : Augmented Reality Session2019-08-07T18:00:26-07:002019-08-07T18:00:26-07:00<p>Augmented-Reality (AR) is the user experience of the future! Join Robert Al Malak as he dives into Apple’s ARKit framework. Get a basic understanding of how ARKit works, take a closer look at the improvements in their recent 3.0 update, view demos of some live examples and join in the discussion about use cases for ARKit and other similar technologies. Presentation Overview: - What is AR and how does it work ? - Project overview - The easiest way to setup an ARKit project. - Augmented reality and image / object recognition - Transformations / Placement of 3D objects - Accelerate / SIMD library - Looking at use cases - Quality Assurance</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14303Adopting SAFe2019-08-07T17:59:18-07:002019-08-07T17:59:18-07:00In an ever changing, highly dynamic industry, how enterprises / groups can adopt SAFe & move towards agility in a SAFe way. Idea is to understand SAFe principles, guidelines & adopt new roles & techniques towards large scale solutions.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14304Applied OOP Design Patterns: Rolling with the Punches2019-08-12T03:16:23-07:002019-08-12T03:16:23-07:00Applying established design patterns in your object-oriented codebase can help you to "roll with the punches" of evolving business requirements. In this presentation, we'll take a practical look at design principles and patterns as we iteratively build a package with increasingly challenging feature requests. The key acronym in our tool belt? SOLID. (NOTE: This presentation will use an OOP-style pseudo-code language to appeal to developers of more than just one language.)Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14305Azure Governance2019-08-07T17:59:27-07:002019-08-07T17:59:27-07:00MS has lately invested a lot of resources helping enterprises adopt cloud-first mindset. This session is all about to give you glimpse of what Azure governance tools are available and how to get started in your cloud journey.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14306Blazor - Life after the introduction Demo2019-08-07T17:59:11-07:002019-08-07T17:59:11-07:00Once the high of seeing Blazor in action, you need to be able to use it in more of a real world applications. This session will show how to do real world tasks in Blazor: Upload and display an image file, provide user feedback, authentication, modal dialogs and change CCS frameworks. These go beyond the basic demo to show the attends the power of the BlazorCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14307Blazor Basics2019-08-07T17:59:09-07:002019-08-07T17:59:09-07:00The what, how, where and why of the new Blazor Technology. Will include basic getting started with Visual Studio and Visual Code. Create and build the project templates and deploy to Azure. Attendees will walk away with a new excitement for Blazor.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14308Build App with Angular2019-08-07T17:59:23-07:002019-08-07T17:59:23-07:00Build App with Angular using some best practice of AngularCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14309Building SVG with React - What I learned while building a little project2019-08-07T17:59:21-07:002019-08-07T17:59:21-07:00I wanted to create this tree diagram thing in React and so I chose to do it in SVG DOM nodes instead of HTML or using some overly complex library. I learned some cool things, let me share them with you.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14310C++20: The new stuff you need to know about2019-08-07T18:00:03-07:002019-08-07T18:00:03-07:00What is new in C++20? How can you use it? Will it make your life easier? Will knowing it make you the life of the party? Come and find out!Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14311Clojure2019-08-19T10:29:25-07:002019-08-19T10:29:25-07:00<p>Simple and easy</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14312Data-Driven Continuous Improvements2019-08-07T17:59:43-07:002019-08-07T17:59:43-07:00In the past, we needed KPIs and metrics to help calm our nerves as we tried to predict the likelihood of a projects success. Agile addresses some of the concerns that drove KPI adoption, but is there still a use for them in agile organizations? Join us and learn how you can use metrics to help drive improvements in your organization.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14313Deep Learning Basics2019-08-07T17:58:56-07:002019-08-07T17:58:56-07:00In this session, you'll see how deep learning works. We'll cover the basics, discussing concepts and techniques that are common to many types of deep learning. Although math is inherent in how deep learning works, Joe will explain enough to where you don't have to be an expert in calculus, linear algebra, or statistics. You'll see that this technology doesn't require a Ph.D. for any developer who wants to learn and take advantage of AI. By the end of the presentation, you will have seen a full example of how deep learning works, design and considerations, and practical applications.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14314DevOps Pipelines Overview2019-08-19T17:53:55-07:002019-08-19T17:53:55-07:00We will define what DevOps pipelines are and what are some common patterns that you will find when working with them. These patterns include items like Continuous Integration, testing, and Continuous Delivery. We will also discuss with what the future might hold for DevOps pipelines The meeting will conclude with a demo of an example Azure DevOps pipeline.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14315Dockerizing Applications2019-08-08T17:14:29-07:002019-08-08T17:14:29-07:00Have you heard of Docker? Its the containerization technology that has rapidly changed how applications are built and deployed. Containerizing applications is the future for large scale software development and it is a critical skill to master. This presentation is geared towards those with no or some Docker exposure. We will look at what containers are, how they work, how to build containers for your applications, and strategies for building your own containers.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14316Effective Communication: Talk Smarter, Not Harder2019-08-07T17:59:36-07:002019-08-07T17:59:36-07:00So you worked hard to get into your role in the software industry thinking "this'll be great - I'll get to code all of the time and never have to talk to anyone". Then suddenly one day after ramping up in your position you find yourself getting pulled into design reviews and cross-team meetings where you need to build consensus and influence others in ways that school didn't prepare you for. You may even find yourself avoiding or dreading these situations. These conversations don't need to be painful however, especially when there can be major benefits to having them; all it takes is a bit of preparation and having the right mindset going in. Come learn some tips and tools for leading difficult discussions and constructively driving towards an end goal that results in a better product with less stress on your shoulders. Not a developer? Not a problem! These tips are applicable to any role.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14317Exploring Neural Word Embeddings with Python2019-08-07T17:59:29-07:002019-08-07T17:59:29-07:00<p>Standing on the shoulders of giants, we don't have to design, create, and train a neural network, but instead, use one that already exists. We download a public domain fully trained neural network and modifying it slightly (to make it load faster during the session).</p> <p><strong>Python</strong></p> <p>I'm teaching a junior college Python course and usually show this at the end of a 16-week intro class. I.e., you don't need to be a Python expert to get something out of this session. Knowing a little Python will be helpful, but all demos easily translate into other languages, like Java for instance.</p> <p><strong>Objectives</strong></p> <p>After the session you will have a general understanding of <em>"Neural Word Embeddings"</em>, understand what <em>"cosine similarity"</em> means and how to calculate it. I know, that may not sound all that exciting. But imagine you type in the question, <code>"Men is to boys what woman is to"</code> and your Python program answers with the word <code>"girls"</code>. Or you type <code>"Men is to king, what woman is to"</code> and your Python program answers with the word <code>"queen"</code>. But that is just the beginning, I will also show you an example that uses the same technique applied to a much more relevant topic, detecting bias in a text.</p> <p> </p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14318How Quality Assurance Makes an Impact in the Software Development Life-cycle2019-08-08T17:15:03-07:002019-08-08T17:15:03-07:00<p>Quality Assurance can make an incredibly significant impact throughout the entire SDLC. More so, understanding the importance of Quality Assurance and how its impact on not just the software but also on clients or consumers is pivotal to a software company's success.</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14319How to Be an MVP2019-08-07T18:00:15-07:002019-08-07T18:00:15-07:00Many times we look at the success of others and think it is beyond us. In this session, 12 time Microsoft MVP (2007-2019) and author of "How to Be an MVP in Life", David Lundell, will share stories from fellow Microsoft MVPs, and some sports MVPs illustrating key attribute in professional and personal development relating to becoming a Microsoft MVP, and even more importantly becoming an MVP in Life.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14320Intro to Python Part 1 - The Core Language2019-08-07T17:59:38-07:002019-08-07T17:59:38-07:00Learn about Python! In this talk we will discuss the Python language core features and libraries as well what it takes to get started using Python.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14321Intro to Python Part 2 - The Ecosystem2019-08-07T17:59:38-07:002019-08-07T17:59:38-07:00One of the Python language's super powers is its diverse ecosystem of third party modules. This talk will explore a tiny subset of the many things you can do with third party modules. This will include things like accessing a database, making a webapp, manipulating images and more!Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14322Intro to Rust2019-08-12T03:16:10-07:002019-08-12T03:16:10-07:00<p>Rust is a modern, strongly-typed, non-garbage collected language from Mozilla pursuing the trifecta: safety, concurrency, and speed. For four years the StackOverflow survey has placed Rust as the most loved language. You can write anything from operating systems, device drivers, video games, graphical applications, to web applications in Rust. It can be a little intimidating to get started as there are a few concepts that may be new to the learner. We'll explore the language by looking at how to build a _. After this session, you should be able to understand some of the features of Rust, how to get started, and where to find resources to continue learning Rust if you so desire.</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14323Intro to the Go Language2019-08-13T05:48:20-07:002019-08-13T05:48:20-07:00Taught by the author of Head First Go, this session will give you an idea of what Go's about. We'll show you basic program syntax, including time-savers like short variable declarations and "for ... range" loops. We'll show you cool Go features like first-class functions (pass functions as data!), interfaces (duck typing at compile time!), method promotion (OOP without class inheritance!), and goroutines and channels (concurrency made easy!). When we're done, you'll understand what Go offers and how it can help you on your next project!Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14324Introduction to Functional Programming in JavaScript2019-08-19T10:29:27-07:002019-08-19T10:29:27-07:00<p>In this session, we will do an introduction to functional programming using JavaScript!</p> <p>We will cover:</p> <ul> <li>first-class functions</li> <li>higher-order functions</li> <li>declarative vs imperative programming</li> <li>immutability</li> <li>purity</li> <li>data transformations</li> <li>recursion</li> <li>composition</li> </ul> <p>all using JavaScript code examples!</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14325It All Starts with Git...2019-08-07T17:57:59-07:002019-08-07T17:57:59-07:00Get up to speed with git in this fast-track session on understanding how to use git. From open source to the enterprise, and even every-day file management, git is the first step to small- and large-scale success.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14326JavaScript for Beginners: Your First Lines of Code2019-08-07T17:58:22-07:002019-08-07T17:58:22-07:00In this workshop, youll learn the basics of the JavaScript coding language. The session will not only examine the JavaScript syntax but also look at practical applications for learning. Youll begin by learning the foundational concepts that make JavaScriptand any programming language, for that matterfunction. Youll then use actual code to develop simple learning applications and games. Youll leave this workshop able to immediately apply JavaScript concepts to your daily work, and youll have the foundation you need to continue to deepen your skills with more advanced JavaScript topics on your own.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14327JetBrains Rider Tips and Tricks: Getting more out of your development time2019-08-07T17:58:01-07:002019-08-07T17:58:01-07:00Rider is a cross-platform .NET/.NET Core IDE from JetBrains. In this talk we're going to spend 60 minutes seeing how you can be productive and work efficiently using the keyboard, focusing on the task at hand and not being distracted by the environment. We'll learn how to maximize the tool for your .NET and web development needs, as well as learn some hidden tips and tricks.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14328Kotlin Coroutines for Android Development2019-08-07T18:00:24-07:002019-08-07T18:00:24-07:00Kotlin is the new and upcoming language of choice among Android Developers. Kotlin introduces tons of neat features, one of which is Coroutines. If you have used AsyncTasks in Android to handle background processes, coroutines aims to do the same thing, in a more concise, async-await style. We'll talk about what coroutines are, how to use them, and how they can be used in your app.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14329Let's Talk About Text2019-08-19T14:56:18-07:002019-08-19T14:56:18-07:00When designing mobile user interfaces, a lot of developers and designers overlook the power of text. From formatting and presentation, to building editing experiences, text is an extremely important part of building good mobile applications. In this presentation, we will start by talking about fonts, typography, and dynamic type. We'll look at how to use standard and custom fonts and support iOS dynamic type settings to dynamically size your UIs based on the user's text size settings. We will then turn to attributed strings and text views and will look at how to present and interact with text in your UIs. We will end with a full-blown look at TextKit and how to build rich text editing experiences in your user interfaces including how to accomplish syntax highlighting, spell checking, and other features when building editing experiences. Please join us to learn about using text in your mobile applications. (This presentation is focused on iOS technologies.)Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14330Leveraging services in Kafka Streams processor apps2019-08-07T17:58:59-07:002019-08-07T17:58:59-07:00Is your organization adopting Kafka as their messaging bus but youve found that it will take too long to migrate your existing service-oriented architecture to a log-oriented architecture? Some of the biggest challenges in building a new stream processor can be implementing all the business logic again. It has become increasingly common for companies with high-throughput source streams and change-data-capture logs to want to build systems fast. At Ticketmaster, we have found a solution to the problem by leveraging the business logic in our existing services and calling them from our Java based KafkaStreams processor applications in an efficient manner. In this talk, we will examine the initial challenges we faced in our transition, then we will explore the solutions we built to address the use cases at Ticketmaster. The primary focus will address our workflow around calling services to bring stream processor applications to market fast. We will review our challenges and share tips for success.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14331ML Hands On: Optical Character Recognition2019-08-07T18:00:19-07:002019-08-07T18:00:19-07:00In this workshop, you will create a notebook that does optical character recognition on hand-written digits. We will be using Logistic Regression, which is a very basic general purpose classification algorithm. It has been a popular choice for more than half a century. Even in our current era with the explosive advances in neural networks, Logistic Regression remains a mainstay for its simplicity and speed. Applying this very simple algorithm to the complex task of optical character recognition will help you see how approachable machine learning can be. To prepare for the class, create an Amazon AWS account and go to Amazon SageMaker. Create a notebook instance with a name you will remember and instance type c5.xlarge. All the rest of the settings can be left as defaults. Once it is working, make sure you shut it down so the notebook instance status says "Stopped". That way you will not be charged for it while you are not using it. Bring a laptop with you.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14332Mobile App Development with JavaScript2019-08-07T17:58:21-07:002019-08-07T17:58:21-07:00The HTML5 stack is an strong choice for many types of Mobile App Development. It runs on every device, can be wrapped to perform seamless as a mobile application and has numerous support libraries to make development quick and easy. In this session, the presenter will dissect a mobile app developed to show train status for the Chicago Transit Authority's "L" trains. Along the way, the presenter will make suggestions for libraries, frameworks and tools to make JavaScript development of mobile apps easy.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14333Mojolicious: A Modern Web Framework2019-08-18T13:54:38-07:002019-08-18T13:54:38-07:00Mojolicious is a fresh take on rapid, robust web development utilizing the latest web standards and technologies. You can get started with your project quickly, with a framework that grows with your needs. Mojolicious is a real-time web framework, which allows a new class of web applications using WebSockets, non-blocking techniques like Promises, and thousands of other proven, tested modules that can interface with almost anything. Its foundational language already comes bundled with all popular Linux distributions from supercomputers to the Raspberry Pi, so it is easy to get running in your development environment and on your servers. It is well documented and supported by an active community.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14334Offline ML with Rust2019-08-07T18:00:02-07:002019-08-07T18:00:02-07:00We will create a Rust app that uses a frozen model to make inferences on image data. We will then cross-compile the app for ARMv7 Linux architecture and deploy it to a Raspberry Pi 3, demonstrating the ability to train once run anywhere. Aside from deployment, the Pi will not need an internet connection to run the model (look ma, no wiretap).Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14335QUANTUM COMPUTING AND OUR IMMINENT BRAVE NEW WORLD2019-08-07T17:58:52-07:002019-08-07T17:58:52-07:00The coming Quantum age will soon eclipse this Silicon age. Whatever you think about classical computing, machine learning, data security, and personal privacy is all about to change. Quantum is different. Parallel universes? Teleportation? Writers will need to work harder to put the "fiction" back into Science Fiction. Perhaps the most unexpected changes will be in artificial intelligence, medical research, climate control, education, and manufacturing. But what? And, how did we get here? When will we get there? And, what should you do before we arrive?Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14336React Hooks2019-08-07T19:03:20-07:002019-08-07T19:03:20-07:00We'll cover the three most common hooks (useState, useEffect, and useRef) in their basic form but then I'd also like to talk about their nuances which tend to confuse those who are new to hooks. All live coding of courseCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14337React Native Mobile Development2019-08-07T18:00:23-07:002019-08-07T18:00:23-07:00- Entry level audience - Should be familiar with JavaScript - Familiar with ReactDOM helpful but not required Create a React Native application from using sustainable decisions: - Typescript - Storybook - Solution structureCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14338Relative Sizing2019-08-07T17:59:16-07:002019-08-07T17:59:16-07:00Humans are bad at estimating in real numbers, that's why we have relative sizing. Learn about the problem space, and different strategies you can use at different points in the life cycle of a story.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14339Rock Your Code: Code & App Performance for Microsoft .NET2019-08-07T18:00:26-07:002019-08-07T18:00:26-07:00The performance of code is always something that is very important. Even more important if your back-end apps are processing tens of thousands of requests per second. In this session, I will reveal the dos and donts when it comes to improving code performance when writing business software. Some code I will show can be up to 98% faster! Reducing memory that your app uses is also very important and will be discussed in detail. The demos in this session will work with the .NET Framework and .NET Core.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14340Rock Your Code: Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish (Part 1)2019-08-07T18:00:32-07:002019-08-07T18:00:32-07:00This session will show how I created a cloud application from start to finish using Microsoft Azure to add features to a legacy app. The session will start off with the feature requirements followed by the architecture and design. The remainder of the session will show how I coded the following application layers: The data layer featuring Cosmos DB. The business layer featuring Azure ServiceBus Queues and Azure Functions. The communications layer using Azure App Service. The user experience layer using ASP.NET Core & Blazor. The identity layer using Azure Key Vault. Other frameworks such as Azure Application Insights and even unit testing will also be discussed. This is part of my series titled Improving Code Quality One Developer At A Time. Note: Even though code examples in this session are in .NET, the concepts can be applied to any languageCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14341Rock Your Code: Real World Cloud App From Start to Finish (Part 2)2019-08-07T18:00:34-07:002019-08-07T18:00:34-07:00This session will show how I created a cloud application from start to finish using Microsoft Azure to add features to a legacy app. The session will start off with the feature requirements followed by the architecture and design. The remainder of the session will show how I coded the following application layers: The data layer featuring Cosmos DB. The business layer featuring Azure ServiceBus Queues and Azure Functions. The communications layer using Azure App Service. The user experience layer using ASP.NET Core & Blazor. The identity layer using Azure Key Vault. Other frameworks such as Azure Application Insights and even unit testing will also be discussed. This is part of my series titled Improving Code Quality One Developer At A Time. Note: Even though code examples in this session are in .NET, the concepts can be applied to any languageCopyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14342Seventy years of computer history in about Twenty minutes2019-08-19T14:56:04-07:002019-08-19T14:56:04-07:00<p>With nothing but a box-full of actual see-and-touch artifacts from the last hundred years, we will meet the first person to invent the concept of a computer program, and the person to discover the first real computer "bug" and invent the concept of a computer language (they were both women). We will discover why Samuel Morse's telegraph still lives in the newest "smart" devices, how Golden Age movie actress Hedy Lamarr helped make cellphones possible, and how "It's all just ones and zeroes" changed everything.</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14343TDD Live!2019-08-07T17:57:45-07:002019-08-07T17:57:45-07:00<p>There are many ways out there to design software, but one of the most effective in guiding consice and well thought out projects is Test Driven Development (TDD). Let's work on developing a project together, live, from the ground up, while utilizing and learning the steps of TDD!</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14344TDD with Javascript2019-08-07T17:59:19-07:002019-08-07T17:59:19-07:00Use Test Driven Development to develop your JavaScript APP.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14345THE ETHICS OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING2019-08-07T17:58:53-07:002019-08-07T17:58:53-07:00<p>White hat, black hat, red hat? Subtle actions can have great impact. From authentication to authorization, validation to verification, automation to thermonuclear war. There’s a lot of power in the hands of developers, a lot of everyday decisions intended to be ethical, professional, defensible, and consistent. But what are we doing and what pitfalls sit in our laps every day we don’t recognize? Let’s look back at some of our worst decisions and the looming decisions most of us will make in the next five years.</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14346Using Go to Call Unsupported Syscalls2019-08-07T17:57:52-07:002019-08-07T17:57:52-07:00In this talk, we will take a look at what is required to make native syscalls to the operation system through Go. We will cover the basics of what syscalls are and their importance in systems programming and will show off a few small examples before diving into the main topic. This will include mapping syscall numbers to constants and looking at what the syscall itself requires for arguments and converting those C memory layouts into Go. We will go into a number of components in the standard librarys syscall package for converting strings to byte array pointers, etc. and working with the standard librarys unsafe package to access the systems memory directly. Finally, well put it all together and demonstrate the code with live examples. All code examples will be made available on Github.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14347Visual Design for Tech Geeks2019-08-07T17:58:25-07:002019-08-07T17:58:25-07:00<p>In this session, you’ll learn about basic principles common to all visual design and how they apply to create high-quality, professional digital content. You’ll discover how understanding and applying concepts like composition, contrast, negative space, and even typography can greatly improve content quality and usability. These concepts can be applied whether you’re shooting video with an expensive professional camera or creating a simple web site for a community organization. You can improve your visual quality whether you have a professional studio or are just learning HTML. Visual literacy is a critical component of quality digital content, and after this session, you’ll be able to identify weaknesses in your own content and fix them.</p>Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14348What is Robin Hood Hashing?2019-08-07T17:57:51-07:002019-08-07T17:57:51-07:00This talk is aimed at those who are looking to get a deeper dive on hash maps and how open addressing can be beneficial for dealing with collisions. We'll deep dive the Robin Hood hash algorithm and why you should default to using it. I'll provide example implementations in a couple languages, Go, C, and Java and will make those examples available on Github.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14349What's New in PHP 7.4?2019-08-12T03:16:25-07:002019-08-12T03:16:25-07:00PHP is constantly evolving and getting better and faster. Come learn about the latest features in the language from the past few years and what's coming up very soon in version 7.4.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14350Writing REST API's in C2019-08-07T17:57:49-07:002019-08-07T17:57:49-07:00This talk will be all about building an HTTP REST API in C. We'll go through the details of configuration and setup of the main server and then dive into writing request handlers. Then, middleware for authentication using basic authentication and token authentication. Once all of the aforementioned is complete, we'll get into build process and deployment.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14351Writing Secure Code2019-08-09T06:52:05-07:002019-08-09T06:52:05-07:00Are you writing apps in PHP or a using a PHP Framework? Is your code leaving valuable data vulnerable? Learn the basics of protecting data in PHP!Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14352WTF is Context in Go?2019-08-07T17:58:09-07:002019-08-07T17:58:09-07:00ctx, ctx, CTX! Context can be a big thing we see in Go projects, but initially it may be a concept that's difficult to wrap your head around. Let's work through some examples of what context is and allows us to do, to gain a better understanding and enable you to use it in your projects!Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14353Xamarin Mobile Development - Advanced2019-08-07T17:58:50-07:002019-08-07T17:58:50-07:00Walk through implementing push notifications, signal-R, OAuth, embedded databases, lazy loaded dependency injection along with the new features of Xamarin.Forms 4.0 as well as docker as a development tool.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Eventsuuid:4642f052-3a74-46f1-acf4-574f9e5cf4ed;id=14354Xamarin Mobile Development For Beginners2019-08-07T17:58:49-07:002019-08-07T17:58:49-07:00Learn the new features of Visual Studio integration with Xamarin. How to create your first project using a simple webAPI with a docker instance and avoid common pitfalls.Copyright ©2010-2019, My Conference Events